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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 1 

My name is Anne and I am unemployed.

If there will be an unemployed anonymous that would be my intro line.  I am 33, married and no kids yet.  I used to be a senior account manager of a direct marketing company that caters to fundraisers and officially today I do not have a job.

Do I sound like a loser? I hope not.

This will be my portal in unravelling why I ended up resigning and leaving my good paying job. This would be my avenue to honesty. I know no one really reads this site and I do not intend to advertise it. But if you are reading this, welcome to knowing me.

I decided to take it easy today, it is the first day so as they say, baby steps.

I will tell you the story on how I end up in this situation with no back up plan but let's save it for another day.

So for now I have my books and the tv remote close to me here in my own bed and its just after lunch (had a big breakfast so I haven't had lunch yet)  a lot of possibilities can happen and I am keeping my options open.

Bye for now and talk to you soon. This is the documentation of my being jobless and I still owe you a story.

Thanks for reading.


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